Fall Fully Loaded - Local Fall Essentials Guide

Fall Fully Loaded - Local Fall Essentials Guide

Pumpkin spice season is upon us. We know not everyone is crazy about the PSL and pumpkin pie, but these Fall essentials are perfect for ALL Autumn lovers. Kick back with your warm mugs in hand & here we go!


1) Pumpkin and Apple Candles:

Fall is all about getting cozy. Picture this: a warm cup of tea or coffee in your hand, all wrapped up in a knit blanket, and what would complete it all? A lit Fall scented candle of course. The locals who made these candles not only wanted to get you in the Fall spirit, but also took your health into consideration. These candles are made from soy so that they don’t release harmful toxins into your air. Clove, cinnamon, and ginger, oh my!


2) Cozy Socks For Men and Women

Let’s be real, when the weather gets chilly we all come home from work and immediately change into cozy pajamas and fuzzy socks, right? Hope I’m not the only grandma at heart out there. Fall socks bring people so much excitement, there’s just something magical about them. Cozy socks aren’t just a great gift to treat yo-self, but also if you want to start doing some holiday shopping early. One can never have too many socks!


3) Pumpkin Bread

Okay pumpkin haters, you can go ahead and skip over this next Fall essential. Pumpkin lovers on the other hand, pull on your stretchy pants because you’re going to be eating a whole lot of this stuff, trust me! Two words: Pumpkin. Bread. This package comes in a 16oz bag of deliciousness! We searched and searched until we found the best mix out there. Whip this into a pumpkin loaf or pumpkin muffins for the PERFECT Fall breakfast.


4) Fall Soap

House smell like Fall? Check. Eating all the Fall foods? Check. Do YOU smell like Fall? Here’s how. This Oatmeal Spice organic soap from Malibu Soap and Candle Company is what Fall lovers dreams are made of.  The gentle oatmeal provides skin-healing exfoliation, while the ground organic cloves give this soap a rich, spicy scent. Now, you have all your Autumn bases covered.


5) Pumpkin Butter

The perfect addition to #3 (Pumpkin bread), this pumpkin butter made in Maryland goes great with any Fall morning. From bagels to bread, to just eating a spoonful, this stuff tastes great on anything. Different from many other pumpkin butters out there, this one is sweetened with natural fruit juice instead of sugar! Full of Vitamin A and natural sweetness, what’s not to love!?

Discover more of our Fall favorites by browsing the collection on our site. Want to get involved and help spread the local love? Show us how you live your Pumpkin Spice Life out loud this Fall and help celebrate local merchants! Tag @indiegoodz to be featured on our page doing ALL the Fall things.

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